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Full Version: Loding
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Hi, i made a room and a cellar door so it loads beteween the rooms , but when i enter the door it says that it cannot load next it something with the custom_stories config?
it looks like this at the moment, should i change anything so i can enter the secound room with a loading screen beteween them since i enter a cellar door?

EDIT: I want to load a new map i made its not the another room on the same map, and both maps are in


its not the offical maps its another map folder i made

ImgFile = "story.png"
Name = "First"
Author = "Osukaru"

MapsFolder = "maps/ch01/"
StartMap = ""
StartPos = ""
is it normal that there is no StartPos ?
Please post the hpl.log file from My Documents/Amnesia/ so we can see what it complains about. I am guessing it can not find the map it tries to load when you enter the door.
never find found it out!

EDIT: Thanks jens but i found out that i could change the map when i press the door Smile