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Full Version: Loads of problems
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Hello, I paid 20bucks for this software, cant you expect that it runs at least?

The programers seem to have a huge creativity in terms of creating problems.. I have testet the game on two(!) computers, with different hardware (1new and 1old pc) and it just wont run.

Is this how the game should scare people? Well CONGRATULATIONS, it worked just perfect!

1: On the new pc, I can run Crysis and JustCause2 on High settings (1920x1080) smoothly, in Amnesia, EVEN THE MENU LAGS ON ~18FPS ?!
An NO, its NOT because of too high settings!

2: When starting a new game, I see the world turned UPSIDE DOWN ?? What the hell were you thinking? That this should be fun? It´s just crap, you cant play the game this way! And NO, it didn´t solve the problem to turn off Insanity (well, this is hard, because this game causes insanity and you DONT EVEN HAVE TO PLAY IT)

3: On the older(not OLD, but older) machine, it gets even funnier: You have to apply a trick just to get to the menu! Wow that has to be the first puzzle of the game! Hit the .exe, hit Alt+Tab, then again hit Alt+Tab and THEN you can see the awkward loading screen.

4: The loading screen disappears, and guess what? AGAIN the thing with the double Alt+Tab helps to bring the menu up.

5: Starting a new game. Oookay black screen again, and white text on the bottom and a voice reading it. Now what is this? The letters of the text(s) mix up?! How are you supposed to be able to read this mixed letters? Its like there are several lines of text, and they just overlay each other.. lets just abort it.. but wait, NOT WITH THIS "GAME"

6: Trying to abort this ends up with the game aborting your Operating System! NICE, they were like

(7: The support here is... well, lets not mention it. Its easy to say the problems occur due to the user´s dumbness. Everybody knows that new drivers can solve graphical problems, i´m not stupid I already know that.. but well, thanks oO)

Please dont take it too serious (In terms of HOW i wrote it), but I really want to have ANSWERS and SOLUTIONS!
It would really help the guys if you listed what your system is and what drivers you have.. some of these seem to be familiar problems that other people have fixed.
Check the troubleshooting guide and then if nothing helps, post a proper report with your problems as you are asked to do.
... I really dont´t know how to tell you, but: I am not stupid!

SURE I have read the troubleshooting! Sad but true, the troubleshooting doenst help in any way.. NONE of the problems can be solved with this so called "help".

Okay, so again, problems:

1: Everything is turned upside down (in the demo too, YES WITH THE HOTFIX TOO)

2: Heavy lag in menu

3: Mixed up letters in intro

4: Black screens, only double Alt+Tab helps

5: Aborting intro crashes the systems

Oh, system Specs:

Windows XP SP3
4Gb DDR3 Ram
Ati Radeon HD2600XT
Intel Core 2Duo 4800Mhz

Drivers: All newest
So again, if troubleshooting guide does not help, make a problem report of your problem as you are kindly asked to do.
Its really hard for me to describe the problems further...

1: The world is turned upside down (as if you are doing a handstand all the time). Cant describe it any further.

I really dont know whats not understandable anymore
Have you tried turning the monitor upside down? Are you in Australia?
Seriously 'tho. It's something in your computer video setup or settings.
If it were the game then everyone would have the same problem.
by the description of problems, I would check video settings as the problem is the graphics.
I know thats not too helpful and sympathize with your frustration (It's a great game!), but that's where to start the troubleshooting.
oh man youre a funny one, "If it were the game then everyone would have the same problem." ... just type in "upside" in the forum search and read like 200+ posts on exactly that problem!
Please, cool down or nothing productive will come out of it.

To me it looks like a driver problem, some corruption in the driver files maybe?
If you could perform these steps and tell us how it works:
1. Download the latest Catalyst driver from here. (Even if you already have it wouldn't hurt to redownload it)
2. Get Driver Sweeper and install it.
3. Uninstall everything ATI Display related.
4. You will most likely be asked to reboot your computer or do it manually. Now when your computer restarts press the 'F8' key (hold it) until you get several boot options. Highlight 'Safe Mode' and press Enter.
5. Back in Windows launch Driver Sweeper and check 'ATI - Display', click 'Analyse' (a list of driver related files will appear) and finally 'Clean'.
6. Reboot normally.
7. proceed with the driver installation you downloaded earlier.

If you have already done these things then forgive me, just trying to help.

(09-20-2010, 09:44 AM)PissedOffUser Wrote: [ -> ]Intel Core 2Duo 4800Mhz

4800Mhz? Wow...
its sad that only users seem willing to help, instead of the "support" Sleepy

Well, I followed your instructions (though I know it isnt a driver issue).. but it didnt help =/

I redownloaded the newest driver, cleaned from the old ones, and did the rest..

Anywayn, thanks for your effort popsUlfr =)

Edit: IntelCore2Duo 2x2.4Ghz Wink I know its not the same, but its not a problem with the cpu, because EVERY game runs normally, not so stupidly upside/down (still: WTF?!)
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