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Full Version: Looks Intresting (New Overture Video)
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Wow this looks great keep up the work. I see the flashlight and Flares are improved aswell as textures. So far its coming along well i see.


Looks fantastic! I can hardly wait to play the finished game. Smile
Glad to hear!


Very neat. Though the accent of the narrator is difficult to understand.
its just thomas :p he ahs a funny voice imo Smile
but yeah, looks realy cool cant wait for the next part :COMBAT Big Grin


I just saw the video, also at, and i am very impressed with how you integrate physics into the game. It's seems like a step forward from games like HL2, since you actually have to perform the gestures for interaction, instead of just clicking "use" on the objects. I believe it will bring a great deal of immersion with it.
I was/am a great fan of the old Penumbra demo, and seeing this video just makes me want the final episodes even more. Also, the graphics are stunning and extremely atmospheric. That's what i like most about Penumbra; the silence, the puzzles and the atmosphere. Please continue this trend - never change it.

Det ser superfedt ud gutter! Godt arbejde Smile

// El Senator


I agree. It looks very interesting.