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Full Version: Game Over Module Help [SOLVED]
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So I have been tinkering with the Game Over Module in SOMA and so far it is to my liking, but I need one more thing:

When you are faced with the 'Press any button to continue...' sign when you click on it the game loads were you last saved but my mod is a rougelike and requires perma-death. Since SOMA is more moddable than Amnesia I don't want it to just say "Reload the game again!" Rather I want it so that when you click you will be loaded into the map of my choice (that being 'start.hpm').

Is there anyway I can do this?
The simplest way I see is to change the part of the GameOverHandler that loads the previous save and instead make it load a particular map. From what I can tell, the End_Timer_DeathOver function is what you want.
Until you find a better way, you can do this by forcing a ChangeMap when the player dies.

PHP Code:
void OnPlayerKilled(int alRecentDeaths, const tString&in asSource)

You may want to add a delay in there with a timer to give the player time to read the death message.

Another way may be using a flag to know if the player died. Then if the OnEnter event triggers too when the player respawns, you check there the flag and change map.
Thank you very much! Works like a charm one you preload it too! Tongue