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Full Version: Clive Barker's Undying Remake (Work In Progress)
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This is a screenshot of my first map
With new static objects..
Work In Progress.

[Image: 33695_428820696129_670441129_5098691_6869106_n.jpg]
Haha, well this is gonna take you a LOT of time i guess, looks very promising.
Never played that game but I think I've seen it.

Good luck!
Can't wait to see what you do with Lizbeth.................... Tongue

[Image: hortonlizbeth.JPG]
Undying was pretty sweet, and I think it can actually be better tuned to Amnesia's play style instead of being a first person shooter. But remaking it is going to be a huge task, perhaps you'll prefer doing a smaller story based on parts of it instead. Whatever though, nice custom assets Smile
Nice mapping. I realy like it.
If you ever need some mappers, just ask. I loved undying back then, and with the amnesia gameplay that game could be more awesome
Thank you!!
I appreciated so much your replies and advices..
This is a second screenshots for you

[Image: 63025_430515601129_670441129_5134548_3378053_n.jpg]
looks awesome!
Looks amazing mate, keep on with the hard work!
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