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Full Version: How to make a custom Main Menu
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Hello frictional games forum today due to a post i am going to tell you how to make a custom main menu.

1. Open up the level editor because the main menu is actually a map.
2. Press open and instead of going to maps go to main menu/main
3. Once you open the main menu map delete EVERYTHING Exept the playerstart(Green Box)
4. now that everything is deleted (exept the green box) make your map however you want it.
5. move the green box into the area you want the main menu to be
6. Save
7. Open Amnesia, if the camera position isnt how you like it adjust rotations to however you feel like it.

Good luck on making your main menus
in menu.cfg there is also a setting to change what map should be background.

Also the menus themselves are based on a gui skin that can be changed too.

To do this you need to do a total conversion though, more info here:
thankyou thomas Big Grin
You mean the background 'map' you see in the main menu, right? Not the actual menu options themselves, right? Big Grin
thats right Tongue
lol, this is very nice, I'm going to try to do my own main menu Tongue