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Full Version: ATDD: Savegames Gallery
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I have no idea, I deleted the savegames already. You can try to open the savefile with notepad and find such option.
Where do I put these on Mac OS X? I'm using Steam, but can't find ANYWHERE. Sad
That's not known to me.
In ~/Library/Application Support/Frictional games/Amnesia/something/
Ah. Thanks! Big Grin
Somehow I didn't see the Frictional Games folder in my Application Support folder the first time. :o
+Added MAC path
I lost my save games when I was in the Cellar Archives. I tried all the save games available and couldn't reach that point in the game. Can someone help me?
Cellar Archives? I think you can start from Storage, IIRC. It is in there.
I just tried that and walked around a little to see if anything was familiar and it wasn't. The "storage" save is further in the game then where I was. I was in a place that is flooded and as soon as you touch the water a monster comes at you.
To reach this point you need like...5 minutes? Or less.
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