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Full Version: Amnesia, scare compilation
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Found a Let's Play scare compilation, pretty hilarious. Short clips of players crapping their pants, sounds like some of them are on the verge of breaking down into tears.

The devs can truly be proud of themselves for unleashing such terror into the world.
Bwa ha ha ha ha! Big Grin

Some of those were freaking hilarious. Some of them seemed a bit...exaggerated, but that was still a amusing 6 minutes.

I never knew shovels could inspire such fear.
Lol at the dude who kept getting scared of the shovel.
Damn, that was funny. I'm in tears here Big Grin
Hahahahahahha, fantastic. Loved it.
HILARIOUS! I couldn't hold myself when that guy kept getting scared of the shovel.
Also, I liked the whole gang freaking out when they just heard a roar. Big Grin
Awesome!! XD i hope there are more like these!
Linked in the comments was this vid:

The scare happens just after the four minute mark. If it hasn't been posted on this forum yet it's totally worth watching, the guy freaks out for the last nine minutes of the video.
lmao! Really cool. I was like this while playing Tongue
This was hilarious! Big GrinBig Grin

Reminds me of Blair Witch Project all over again Tongue
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