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Full Version: Game runs EXTREMLY SLOWLY when looking in certain directions.
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So I started playing the game, on full settings. 1080p and full details/shadows etc.

when i was playing it was running perfectly. not a single instance of slowing down.

i got to a certain point (where you go make the acid) and i saved it.

later i reloaded the save game..and if i looked in the direction of the laboratory, it would go to like 1 frame per second. I would look at the opposite end of the room, and it would jump back to 60FPS or what ever max is.

i don't understand. i'm very angry and i want to play this game.

and don't tell me it's because my settings are too high, it's not. i was playing this game for an hour + today and i had no issues.
(10-04-2010, 04:01 AM)BTG643 Wrote: [ -> ]i'm very angry.......

[Image: 21501BP.jpg]
here's a video

Guessing a graphics driver issue so try to download the latest driver, uninstall the old, reboot and install the new driver.

You can also go to graphics settings and turn off world reflection (I think it is) and see if that helps. There is water in that direction and there has not been water like that prior in the game so that could be why this problem appears first here.
I have had this issue as well, and it seems to solve itself after upgrading to the new Nvidia beta drivers, so try that and see if it works. Unless you're using an ATI card, of course.