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Full Version: Black Plague and Requiem lag pretty bad
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I just finished Black Plague and in the end when you go through the


Chemical area in order to get the green substance

the game lagged extremely hard, almost unplayable. Tried to turn off all the effects and minimise Resolution and Shader, but it didn't really improve the framerate. So I don't think my PC is too weak, most of the time the game runs relatively fine.

Now I'm playing Requiem and at the second "stage" it also begins to lag pretty hard.

Newest patches are installed.

I have a Pentium 4 Notebook with 3 Ghz, 128 MB RAM and a Ati-Mobility Radeon x600.
I'm using up to date Omega Graphics Driver

Any suggestions how to improve the framerate or what could cause lags at these points in the games?

Black Plague was great though!

oh crap, posted it in the Amnesia Forum, please move the thread!