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Full Version: Black Plague - Dream Sequence in the sewers (SPOILER)
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I think it has been said in the game (correct me if I'm wrong) that most people who get infected die in this dream sequence thingy that you experience in the sewers and because of that the infection consumed them fully.
So I assume the reason why you only get this split personality (Clarence) is because you survive the sequence and therefore the infection doesn't consume you.

Now I wonder, what happens if you die in that sequence by getting eaten by the worm in the last segment (I assume its a worm chasing you, I didn't dare to turn around ;-) ).

Has someone tried this out? Maybe theres a sequence showing you as a zombie or something?

Just tried die just like any other death...
(10-08-2010, 08:19 PM)Spooder Wekd Wrote: [ -> ]Just tried die just like any other death...

Really? During my second helping of Black Plague, I remember getting caught by the worm during the dream sequence and having the thing just burst into sparks, harmlessly.

...Unless you're referring to the chase sequence in Overture, or the worm battle in the Machine Room, in which case you would die normally.
If you let the worm break through in the dream sequence it will shatter like glass once it reaches you. From what I can tell, you cannot die in the dream sequence.