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Full Version: Scorn
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Everything looks amazing except for the gun animations but they're probably still in early development. Looks exactly like H.R. Giger's style but with more red flesh and actual humanoid creatures. Tracking. Smile
I like the organic textures and lighting. It has Alien vibe.
Reminds me very much of I have no mouth and I must scream with the over the top fleshy geiger-esque stuff, intregued.
The art style looks Giger lite.

For one thing, there's no sexual imagery in it.
Certainly looks interesting though.
That viewmodel. DOOM with the art style of H.R Giger? I would give my left ball for this
The lighting/shadows remind me of Doom 3, though with the flesh/gore environment of Prey (the original).
Reminds me of my bathroom
Demo will be in 10 days (but only for kickstarter backers).
New trailer: