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Full Version: Naming my campaign and its protagonist
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I'm creating a campaign based around the event's before SOMA, and I'd be appreciative if I could get some good ideas for the name of it. I'd also like if I could get some ideas about my story's protagonist, preferable a name, gender, and other basic stuff like that.

The Backstory

The date is November 7th, 2101. The Norma Space Station (NSS), created years prior, is tasked with crippling the incoming comet Telos, and preventing an impact event. Earth's government gives all the necessary resources to Norma's Research and Development team in order to construct a destructive apparatus to deal with the situation.

The protagonist of this story is an astute and intelligent scientist, and actually the lead developer of the Telos Project. Shortly after the date mentioned before, the protagonist boards the NSS to aid the R&S team. The protagonist stays abroad the station for about a year's time, helping where he/she can. Eventually at a much later date, but before the impending January 12, 2103 (the day of the impact, as stated in SOMA), the device is built, and humanity is restless, awaiting for the comet to find its position within reach of the NSS.

When the comet is finally positioned, just before new year's 2103, the device locks onto Telos, and is ready to fire. Unfortunately, the event suffers from severe repercussions, as the Norma Space Station is devastated, and it's power is almost completely wiped. The comet Telos further proceeds towards its destination.

The Gamestory

The player wakes up in the NSS, the lights flickering, with tremors running throughout the station. How the player is alive, or where he/she is will remain unknown until the release of this campaign. I have a lot more planned for the actual story; including a meaningful ending that will provide more for the player than simple death, or a reveal that you could see coming from a mile away (most Amnesia custom stories).

If you want to contribute any other ideas your free to post them here. When I publish my story, if I include your idea or concept, then your username will be right beside it.
That sounds like an interesting idea! Maybe one element of the story you could pay careful attention to and reveal over time would be the reason why the Norma Space Station suffered from severe repercussions. Why did it fail when so many brilliant minds were working on it, like that of your protagonist? Perhaps it could've been a large-scale technical failure brought upon by an Artificial Intelligence system (somewhat tied to SOMA?), or better yet, the insanity of one of the crew members who may have sabotaged it. Maybe you wind up following his/her trail of destruction through audio logs or notes.

As for the name/character names, I can spitball a few:

Michael Gauss - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Maximillian DeWalt
Dr. Charles Lambert
Dr. Alistair King - Oxford University

Dr. Elizabeth Christensen - Johns Hopkins
Dr. Emilia Walters
Lindsay Ivanov - University of St. Petersburg
Dr. Ada Ericson

Transmissions from Norma
The Great Filter
(08-10-2016, 08:11 PM)cadely Wrote: [ -> ]That sounds like an interesting idea! Maybe one element of the story you could pay careful attention to and reveal over time would be the reason why the Norma Space Station suffered from severe repercussions.

Wow! I actually completely forgot about this. I spent about a week last month learning a lot about SOMA mod-making and then I took a break due to frustration. I actually just created a "script" today for the whole story, and am about to start development.

As for the naming of this project, It's going to be called 'Impact Event', based on the name they gave it in SOMA. I substituted a temporary name for the protagonist in my game files (the names are always important!), but I think I'll take Michael Gauss.

There's not a whole lot more to talk about, here's the mod description if your interested, "On the 7th of November, 2101, the Norma Space Station (NSS) is tasked with constructing and executing a destructive apparatus to prevent the comet Telos from colliding with the Earth. You, the lead scientist in this project, aid the NSS in creating and using the device against the comet, but unfortunately the event suffers from severe repercussions as the Norma Space Station is devastated and it's power is almost completely wiped. The comet Telos further proceeds towards its destination. This campaign takes place a few years before SOMA in the setting of space. Explore the NSS, travel to the unknown, and most importantly, find a way to save humanity while there's still time.".

...and by the way. This story will actually have a "huge impact" (see what I did there?) on SOMA's story and setting. Big Grin
Yeah I definitely get the frustration thing... I've found that even using custom models and textures can be a high-maintenance task. But the premise sounds exciting- good luck with your mod and I look forward to playing it when it's ready. Cheers!
Nice plot idea. A prequel about the efforts to avert the worst of the incoming catastrophe is definitely something I wouldn't mind seeing from a SOMA custom story. I'm liking the straightforward name you chose for the project.

Now, obviously, you'll have to get a bit creative with portraying the interiors of the space station or the exteriors set in open space or on the comet surface. It's a bit of a tall order, but given what the FG modding community has produced over the last few years, I'm fully confident we'll be in for a nice surprise once your mod starts shaping up nicely. Smile Don't give up, it's a very cool setting and plot to explore.

I currently don't have enough time to help with any modding, but if you need any advice on things like spaceflight physics and so on, I'd love to offer my help whenever possible.'s not a bad premise, however the ending is already pretty cut and past...they land the object on it, it detonates....the comet gets "scratched" XD. I'd also say i wouldn't concentrate on space travel, there isnt any in the SOMA universe (except basically what we have on earth shuttles) HOWEVER, perhaps dabble with space walks? Going out on to the station's hull? DO WHAT SYSTEM SHOCK 2 COULD NOT (due to engine limitations XD). The reason i say this is well...SOMA is set in an ocean enviroment, it wouldnt be difficult to turn that into a weightless one with fun jumping ^^ (often found myself jumping around on the ocean floor XD).

The antagonist...perhaps a bit religious? Perhaps it's cliche at this point but the only thing i can see stoping the project is a crazy religious group thinking "this is the coming of god!!" or "THIS IS THE DEVIL'S WOOOORK!!/insert prophecy here" OR pull an Akers, have someone slowly going insane due to living on the station who eventually screws it up (or contributes towards it).

Their couldn't be any of the enemies from the game either, or perhaps use the enemies that didn't make the cut...the crawler, patch-work and such....

You could also i guess change the plot a little, take some liberties...make the reason the W.A.U. starts doing its thing is due to "convasations" it has with an A.I. on board the space station, have a BEHEMOTH/GOLIATH situation going on, 2 super computers turned on at the same time on opposite sides of the earth. They link up, they talk to each other, they hold the world at ransome and say "sort yourselves out, or we will" kind of thing, or in this case they talk and come up with a way to "save mankind", then due to the space station fucking up, the convosations stopped and W.A.U. "NEEDS MORE DATA".

oh yeah...some random names:

Jasen Lindthum
Kiril Streinov (Prounounced Strine-of)
Alex Bates
Christian Ward

Carolyn Hudson
Pius Delaroy/Delacroi (Prounouced Pi-us. Dela-Croy)
Amelia Yun
Jakalyn Odessa/Odara

I can maybe...POSSIBLY, PERHAPS try to make you some sort of music forit not sure if im good enough...would love to try though

Also, you want a name? Call it chromosome. The definition of chromosome comes from a german scientist combining the greek word Khroma (colour) with SOMA (body), reason being because DNA is easy to dye differnt colours for mapping and marking.