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Full Version: [Tutorial] Convert Penumbra Models to Amnesia
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My English is not good, sorry for that.

How to Convert some Models from Penumbra to Amnesia:

At first you must Creat a New Folder name the Model you will convert.
Example: Desk01
Then you copy all files with the name Desk01(.DAE .ENT .JPG .MAT .TGA)

Look @ Picture:
Spoiler below!
[Image: 546840.jpg]

Then you open the MaterialEditor from Amnesia and open a .MAT file.
Try to search a file with similar config.
Example: i will convert a Desk so i open the .MAT file from workdesk of amnesia.

Look @ Picture:
Spoiler below!
[Image: 546844.jpg]

then you change the texture file (in this example under diffuse and nmap)
with the files from Penumbra and save an overwrite the original Penumbra file in the folder you create in step one.

The last step, you open the Model Editor from Amnesia.
Then you open at first the .ENT file ( in example i open the desk01.ent)
then you insert a mesh(you found it under file) and insert the .DAE (in example i open the desk01.dae)

Look @ picture:
Spoiler below!
[Image: 546847.jpg]


It could be you must change some things. In example i must change the place from the drawer. And you must create a shape. For the configuration you can look at the existing files from Amnesia.

I hope its useful and your understand my broken english Wink if they are some problems, ask me. I try to help.
Very impressive.
I want to ask, is this gonna work for monsters too?
Well, infected is converted. So, if lucky enough, it'll work.
i dont quite understand the steps; it's not your broken english its just that the steps aren't all that clear. Can someone please run me through each and every single step, like every move of files and every tiny thing? please be detailed.
We Don't Clearly Understand It...Can You Make A Video Or Something..?? Thanks!!
(06-05-2011, 04:32 PM)willochill Wrote: [ -> ]i dont quite understand the steps; it's not your broken english its just that the steps aren't all that clear. Can someone please run me through each and every single step, like every move of files and every tiny thing? please be detailed.

1. Copy the files of the model from penumbra. The "model.dae" is the model. Any pictures "" or "model.tga" are the texture files. These files is what the model is "clad in", ergo the textures give the model its appearance. If the model is namned "desk", you should create a folder for it which is namned "desk" as well. The texture files will be namned ""(diffuse map), ""(normal map) and "" specular map.

2. Now you should open the material editor, which is found in your amnesia directory. This material editor creates ".mat" files - which are basically a reference for the model of where to find the texture files. In the material editor you are going to create a new .mat file for your model. The process is quite simple. All you need to do is to reference the respective texture files. I have given you the names of the texture files in the above text (see end of step 1). Opening the .mat file of an already finished model can help out, since you can also set the textures as decals. However the mat file of a model has the correct settings. Once edited simply choose "save as" and you will not overwrite the default .mat file.

3. Open ModelEditor which is located in the amnesia directory. Here you need to create a "shape" for the model. It is basically a cube covering the model and what it does is to make it impassable. Without this cube you would be able to walk straight through the model. Then save the .ent file. You can also customize it further by editing "the type" of entity it is. Located under something "user variables" (i don't quite remember).

The whole process is quite simple and you could probably master it in under the hour. Good luck to you willochill and thank you Everlone for providing the tutorial!

okay everything is clear about the first step...
1. are the files to put in the folder in common/penumbra overture/models? i can't seem to fins any tga or dds files in there.
2. If i do find any tga or dds files am i supposed to name them the three things you listed? are there three files already with those names?
.jpg and .png files are also image file types.
1. The files are put in your amnesia folder:
Something like that.

2. No, don't rename them to desk_nrm or desk_spec unless they actually are normal and specular maps. In case they don't happen to be those particular textures it serves no purpose. A model only needs the diffuse texture to work. The diffuse texture is actually the "colors" of the model. The rest is simply "extra beauty/detail".
You can read about textures here:

That should give you some added detail to what I have said.

(06-08-2011, 11:38 PM)Tanshaydar Wrote: [ -> ].jpg and .png files are also image file types.

I am unsure of the layout of penumbra, so I'm not sure if .jpg .png or .tga will occur while you are working with models. In amnesia they occur as material files for particles for example. I think .dds should be the stuff that you are looking for. Would have to install my penumbra series again to give you a definite answer willochill.

Good luck. If you have any more questions I'll try to answer Smile

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