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Full Version: penumbra, a killergame?
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timonator Wrote:
Dark_Raver Wrote:look at serious sam, it allso had flower blood
realy...funky looking XD

can you send me a screenshot or so? i'd love to see that! (or a video! hell yes!)

srry cant, the game keeps crashing on me Confused cd is broken
try google Smile


Why would they not like this but be fine with something like Hitman, where your goal is to kill people? Since in Penumbra you're not really killing people. You only kill animals/monsters, and they are trying to eat you.


Becouse they are brainless zombies ?? Tongue

I think the general problem with this kind of people is that, they own a high social status and therefore think they know everything about everything.
Lets just hope that a mighty spark of logic will bring them to the right conclusion.
I don't know if Penumbra would fit the killer game definition.
As far as I know, this only refers to games containing "acts of violence, or coonotations to acts of violence, carried out by the player on human, or human-like characters".
You know, like in chess, if you really think about it. These Bavarian madmen are almost scarier than the Rock Worms...

So as long as the people responsible for this kind of accusation don't really play the whole game, which I doubt they would, Penumbra is safe. Part one, at least.

Spoiler below!
I don't know if Red's death would count as an "act of violence..." since you never see him, and he might as well be an eighty-legged purple space blob thing...
Well, maybe not, since this kind of person would hardly be employed in a mining operation, despite the obvious advantages of eighty legs, but it's still a fact we never see Red.
Not as a person, at least
Resident Evil isn't banned in Germany, so I don't think they'd have a problem with Penumbra.
They will never ever get to ban those games, I mean like 99% of us knows its just a game and we dont go out and shoot ppl. Gawd...
If I interpreted the news regarding those "killer game" laws, it looks like only a few of the German politicians actually consider them as worthy of being discussed.
So, even if Penumbra is considered a "killer game", it won't get banned, since these laws are virtually nonexistent.

It might become a Wii "killer app", though Wink
Thaliur Wrote:It might become a Wii "killer app", though Wink

a wiimote killer app.
not so sure about the possibilities of a wii port. but i think this has been thoroughly discussed already
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