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Full Version: penumbra, a killergame?
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hey folks, i think i'm having a serious problem.
in germany clueless politicians have made the people believe that killergames have and will lead to pupils shooting other pupils and teachers at their schools.

i wonder if the people in charge of determining wether a game is a killer game or not would call penumbra a killergame, since it seems to involve killing (not sure, tho)

also: if the german politicians succeed to make this a EU thing, that would *horribly* suck Sad

and it's also not only the politicians, also the media seems to like the concept of the evil killergames turning innocent, peaceful pupils into furious killing machines and i can imagine that most people would agree on their view Sad

please tell me i'm going to get to play penumbra :|


Politicians (not only German) are brainless zombies who don't know the difference between a joystick and a wiener. Of course statistics don't tell you how many people *don't* kill in real live, *because* they play "killergames".
However, since you'll be able to buy Penumbra in the internet, there will be no big problem...
Well we can always change the red blood for, ehm, flowers Smile And give the player a magic wand instead! Now that would be a great horror game Tongue
HOLY JESUS! i WANT the flowers mod!
WOW you might be on to a winner with that.
the politicians just need something to blame for the community they made Confused
look at serious sam, it allso had flower blood
realy...funky looking XD
You HAVE to make the flowers mod! (Possibly put it in the game as an easter egg or something. Now THAT would be awesome!)
Dark_Raver Wrote:look at serious sam, it allso had flower blood
realy...funky looking XD

can you send me a screenshot or so? i'd love to see that! (or a video! hell yes!)
Also when you hit enemies they will scream:

"Danke, Ich liebe dich!"

Just to make sure that there is no act of violence involved.
2 words

Flower Power
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