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Full Version: [SOLVED] Windows 10 Destroys My Computer.
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Thanks to the guys on the HPL3 Skype Community I was able to do a system restore and get my computer back into shape! Heart
Did you install windows 7
No, just restored Windows 10 to a previous version.
Last time I used Windows 10, Microsoft sent spies to peek under my bed.

It seems that Windows 10 is a must for newer PCs; Skylake architecthure isn't properly optimized on W7 and won't receive any updates. Microsoft is one sneaky bastard.
Yea, rebooting the same version of windows is the best move. Windows 10 is actually a good piece of sotware, if you can avoid the bugsSmile

You just have to be careful about losing your files, happened to me once when I was attempting to fix my OS :/ I then started to backup my files. Was doing some reading on this page ( It suggests some good methods to backup your files, such as MySQLDump or phpMyAdmin Smile

Hope this helps, cheers
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