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Full Version: [SOLVED] Windows 10 Destroys My Computer.
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EDIT: I can till operate already opened administered programs while reloading.

After the most recent Windows 10 update I cannot access my desktop, taskbar or my computer as every second it reloads the desktop making it impossible to open any program.

After a minute of this it stops. The screen in default grey and the toolbar has frozen. I can open the Task Manager and open Chrome through it. If I try and open the Start Menu to go to the settings and download the new patch it'll start reloading all over again.

This is a last hope scenario, I cannot find any solutions that work online. I cannot do my work (personal and school related) while this is happening.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Undecided
Install windows 7 again like any sane person would, W10 is just garbaaage.
Windows 10 altogether made my computer 10 times slower, like a virus. I just reinstalled windows 7 and it works like a normal computer again.
My neighbor actually had Windows 10 black-out 2 of his SSDs. It did it on his first one, so he had to reinstall it, then when his replacement SSD came, that one broke too. No idea how, but he has been running Windows 7 without issue for years, and he now decided to stick to 7, and it's no longer breaking.
I think this video will cheer you up:

Crazy story:

Limitations bring out creativity, right? Using Task Manager I found out that you can activate programs through administrator mode so they don't get reset after the flickering.

Using that I could open any programs from Chrome to the HPL3 Level Editor. Success.

Now I needed to get the settings bar open to restart the corrupted update (which caused all this). The taskbar froze and the flickering started. As expected the programs didn't get closed. I noticed that Windows Antimalware Program spiked the CPU to 70-98% when the flickering happened. When it stopped it spiked the Memory of the same program to 90-100%.

I was about to open the settings through Command Prompt until a dialogue box opened saying Update 000001B(some other numbers) has been terminated. Clicking OK now has everything back to normal.

Before heading to sleep I'll make sure the update downloads correctly for 100% of the time. If not then I'll have at least a temporary solution.
Great, you got it working.. for now. Better replace it with a functional OS before it screws itself over again.
Windows 10 is not recommended for older computers. I installed it on my PC from 2009 and it always crashed. My neighbor's PC got damaged after he upgraded to Windows 10. On my PC from 2013 it works very well.
Well guess what? Even after updating it still loves to flicker:


Anyone have any ideas?
Windows 10 is not bad, but as I said you should have modern hardware. You also should make a fresh installation from DVD and use the Anniversary build 14393 (1607).
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