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Full Version: Python compatibility with HPL3
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I've been looking for different tools to use for my next mod, and I'm curious... with the way CodeLite works with HPL3, could Python be easily substituted? I really like how Python is set up, and it would save me a lot of time if I were just able to use it instead.

Also, should I use Python over CodeLite? I've tried CodeLite and I'm still getting used to it. It seems that I'm having trouble following the video tutorials as they include an alternate or outdated version of CodeLite's main download.
Scripting in HPL3 uses a language called AngelScript. You aren't going to be able to substitute a different language, I'm afraid. If there was some program that could transpile another language into AngelScript, you could use that, but such a program doesn't exist (to my knowledge).
Ok, thanks. That's a bummer. At least I know a little CodeLite Big Grin
You can use whatever you'd like as a code editing tool, but using CodeLite is recommended by Frictional since auto-completion allows you to type object based suffixes (Entity, Sound, Map, etc) and be provided a list of things you can use.

I used to just use the helpers on the wiki with Notepad++.