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Full Version: Editing Player Parameters(Movement speed, Jump height,ect))
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I do you change the player's movement speed, jump height and speed climbing a ladder? For Amnesia you could just edit the game.cfg, but for SOMA the game.cfg is not the same.

How do I change these settings?
For player speed, you'll want to use Player_SetMoveSpeedMul and/or Player_SetRunSpeedMul at the beginning of your map script in the OnEnter function. Similarly, you can use Player_SetLadderMoveMul for ladder speed.

For jump height, it would likely involve overriding the MoveState_Normal.hps file. There seem to be global variable values at the top of the file that correspond to what you are looking for. Alternatively, you can use Player_SetGravity to change the jump height, albeit in a more roundabout manner.