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Full Version: Should I buy this game?
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I'm thinking of getting this game, but I'm not sure. I've never really played horror games. Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Half-Life 2 didn't really scare me but those aren't really 'horror' games.
I don't like horror movies with a lot of gore and screaming, such as Saw. I prefer horror movies with a good storyline. I liked The Shining, but I was quite young when I saw it. For months after seeing that movie I always checked the bathtub when I went to the toilet, lol Big Grin
I'm older now (18) and while I "jump up" if a zombie suddenly appears, it's hard to really scare me. I know that I'm not going to cry or panic.

There are two reasons why I haven't bought this game yet:

#1 I'm not sure if it'll be fun. I can only play it at night. I study and have a lot of homework but I don't want this game to affect my test results or that I'm unable to fall asleep Angel. So my question is: is it a rewarding game when you manage to overcome your fears, or are you just scared and happy that you're done with it?

#2 How bad is it, lol? >.< I don't mind horror, although I hate children who are screaming or little girls who are dead (F.E.A.R./The Ring). I'm the kind of guy who looks for his limit in real-life, with sports, everything, but I'm a bit afraid that this game will scare the hell out of me and if it does, I'll feel embarrassed because of that Tongue. Playing this game in the dark with a headset also seems like a real challenge Confused

Thanks in advance!
For the info you gave, I suggest you to buy Penumbra collection. (I personally liked them more than Amnesia)

...and in the end, if you end up liking the game, you get more gameplay from the collection (three games) than you get in Amnesia (single game).
I sort of had the same mindset, was not too sure about it so i just googled it first with review at the end and checked out places. They all pretty much said the same thing, that it is a good game but it is a bit short (but for the price it is worth it - i dragged out about 10 hours fully looking around and double checking etc). I knew i liked what i seen after seeing a trailer and so bought it.

Its worth the money, you will get some scares especially if your a night time gamer. The controls are round about perfect (i did worry i could not bind my numberpad for movement but could bind wherever). You will feel sorry for some of the people inside it (hate hearing a woman beg and say please).

Don't really want to go into it too much without spoiling but i will say for under a tenner you cannot go wrong, its got a scare factor but its not too bad i doubt you would think it was money wasted.
(10-31-2010, 05:09 PM)Scraper Wrote: [ -> ]For the info you gave, I suggest you to buy Penumbra collection. (I personally liked them more than Amnesia)

...and in the end, if you end up liking the game, you get more gameplay from the collection (three games) than you get in Amnesia (single game).
One thing that I would suggest is that if you get Penumbra, come back here ask about the simple swing tweak. Trust me.
I think you shold buy amnesia, its a great experience, no matter the games you played before.

Amnesia is the best Horror Game that I have ever played.

Buy it here:


Penumbra is good, too.
I've played the demo a bit and the setting is great. I find it hard to immerse myself in Daniel though, because I don't look like him at all. It's a bit frustrating that you can't fight back, because that's what I would do in real-life. I'm also still confused by the whole 'insanity' feature. I never used tinderboxes and only used the lamp if I didn't know how to proceed. But yet after 10 minutes or so I already got a warning that my insanity was "dangerously low". I guess I should use light more often and accept the fact that Daniel is mentally quite unstable.
I'll continue with the demo when I'm done with dinner and if I like it I'll probably buy the full game!
To me that is true survival horror, trying to survive instead of blasting your way out of things. I am into my first person shooters but found it a nice break actually needing to escape instead of go rambo.

Insanity i did like but not when sometimes it seemed the crackling was constant and you would fall down. I liked the image going wavey though (looking at pictures move like it would in real life if not had enough sleep - one time i thought i seen a person but realised it was just a shadow), i would shake my screen a bit frantic trying to shake off the bugs i would see. Loved the way your eyes adjusted to the dark aswell.
I find it hard to even continue with the demo XD I play with the light on and speakers, I can't get myself to play this game in the dark with a headset. I do need some sleep >.<
Maybe I'll buy the full game and play it with some friends first? And turn off the light ofc.
Although it'll probably be a better experience if you play it on your own :S.
I recommend you force yourself to play in the dark and with headphones. Fear is the best aspect of the game. Also, surround sound helps you to figure out where things are coming from, so you can hide much much easier than with headphones. Buy it! You'll be glad to go to bed when you get off, rather than scared.
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