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Full Version: Help Downloading Penumbra
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I downloaded penumbra several years ago. It included all three games and only came with a download code to access the game since I had bought the game digitally off the website. There is no available link to download the game since I have now gotten a new computer. I recall being able to log in and enter the activation code and download it from there, but there is no link to log in anywhere besides the forum. The game was not downloaded through steam, not allowing me to access or enter the code that was received years ago. Any way to help me access my game would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
The website you're looking for is Smile
(10-03-2016, 07:31 AM)Romulator Wrote: [ -> ]The website you're looking for is Smile

Thank you so much! that's exactly what I was looking for, appreciate it!
No problem! Enjoy! Smile