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Full Version: [SOLVED] Setting up the tools on a clean 1.1 retail install and 1.3.1 update on top
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Hello, everyone.

A few years ago, I did some TDD modding, but didn't get too far, as I was busy at the time. Now I'm getting back into modding, but it's been almost five years and the TDD modder scene has come quite a long way since then. So have the updates for HPL2 and the modding tools. I've decided to ask for some advice on how to set up the most recent versions of the updates, before I do anything hasty.

On that note, I have a backed up version of a clean 1.1 install, and a backup of a 1.1 with the 1.3.1 update installed on top of it. So, if anything goes wrong, I can revert it fairly quickly.

Onto the meat of the matter...

Did I apply the latest update (1.3.1) correctly ?

I went to the thread with the final update, downloaded the Windows version (at the moment, I'm running 7, 32 bit), then installed it into my Amnesia folder. Everything went fine, the game works just as before, the content is there. I'm not entirely sure the 1.3.1 update is active, but just installing the added files into the folder didn't break anything in 1.1.

My current folder structure

After I installed the 1.3.1 update yesterday on the clean 1.1 install, stuff was obviously added to my Amnesia folder. Most of the major stuff went into the existing redist folder and the newly created "1.3_update" folder. So far, so good ?

Note that I did not install any of the older updates for 1.1, such as 1.2 and similar. I only had that basic, out-of-the-box clean install, and I had the 1.3.1 update install on top of it. (Just so there's no misunderstanding in this thread.)

Below are some images showing the current state of the folders:


The game folder itself.


The redist folder.


The "1.3_update" folder that was added with the 1.3.1 folder. (Technically, it also includes the "install_files" folder, with the Windows redistributable stuff for various bit platforms.)

Is there anything wrong with the folders in their current state ? Do I need to move anything ?

I've noticed there are some additional files in the redist folder, inluding new executables for the game and its launcher. Should I overwrite my 1.1 exes with these ?

The 1.3.1 editor suite's proper location ?

I don't quite remember where the editor suite's supposed to be placed. Blush

I've installed the latest version of the suite - 1.3, to go with the 1.3.1 final update - into the main Amnesia folder. I know the executables of the specific editors need to be in the redist folders to work. But do the accompanying two folders of the suite also need to be placed there ? Currently, I have 1.3's "viewer" and "editor" folders in the main one, so should I move them to redist, and do the same with the editor exes ?

I still have the old editor suite from back in 2011 or thereabouts and I've compared the contents of the two packs, just out of curiosity. Aside from the updating done to the files, there aren't that many new files included in 1.3. The old suite seems to have a few PDB files lying around next to the old editor executables, but I suppose those are just some old logs for the exes I might have forgotten to delete.

Feel free to criticise and advise

I'll be grateful for any advice and criticism on whether I've set up the 1.3.1 update and 1.3 tools stuff correctly. Thanks in advance, guys ! Smile

As I don't have experience yet with these latest updates, I've decided to play it safe and not experiment with file and folder placement on my own. I want to be certain I have everything right first, with basic functionality possible. Then I'll finally set up a dev environment again and try tinkering with the editors. Phew, it's been years...
Well you could always test it, but there does look to be something wrong. Perhaps nothing that will break it, but duplicates that are redundant and could pose a conflict issue.

Since you have a retail game, I believe all the assets are installed into the redist folder - nothing much in the root folder for Amnesia. Like so:

Spoiler below!
[Image: fgxfgnxfxfngx.png]

So seeing as you have loads of files in your root, that seems to be incorrect. For Steam copies, all files are in the Amnesia root, but for retail, most files are in the redist folder.

Basically you should have a similar setup before you start installing the update. These files are extracted by the 1.3 installer.
[Image: a261e9e78360443c9a57ffbc3b8c301b.png]
Therefore these files and folders should merge with your install and leave you with something like this


I'm quite certain you can delete the 1.3_update folder after install.

Of course once all this is done you can throw in the 1.3 editors in your redist folder.
Here's a screenshot of what my 1.1 retail version root folder looks like after a clean install, no updates whatsoever added:


To make things even clearer, my retail copy is a boxed version, one with localised language files. Hence why it probably has this more Steam-like structure to the root folder, instead of tucking it more elegantly in redist. Aside from those officially translated lang files, it doesn't differ from the digital version. I didn't have problems running the later patches and updates, so software-wise, it's sound and working. I've actually built and tested several levels with this release back in 2011, though I think I did have to add a redist folder at first to make it work.

Part of why I want to buy a digital copy of TDD over at in the near future is because the unlocalised version is simply better compatible for modding (in terms of root folder structure). I haven't actually ran into any major compatibility issues in the past, aside from some minor lang file changes that occured when applying the English-language updates. (Officially localised updates beyond 1.2/Justine are unavailable, sadly. Even the localised 1.2 update is no longer available from the original distributor, so I'm forced to use the original versions for now. Buying a copy can't come any sooner, as I really want to get some modding done, and this boxed version makes it a bit harder to organise stuff.)
Then if the case is that you do not have a redist folder by default, after installing the update, cut everything out of the redist folder, and paste it in the parent folder AKA the root. Overwrite the old files with the new. After that just delete the redist folder (since it'll be empty). That should apply the update, though it is a bit hacky. I don't think I've worked with these boxed copies before.
So the only thing I should leave in the redist folder should be the editors, then ?
Nonono, just ignore the redist folder completely.

The update assumes that your retail copy uses a redist folder, but you do not use one, therefore you instead place all files that would normally go into redist into your root. Including the editors.

Of course if the update also CHANGES how the folder structure is (like changing the requirement of redist) then you might have to migrate the other way around - placing all files inside redist. Though, before that, try just doing what I put first.
Righto, I thought the same. I've never used the 1.3.1 update or the 1.3 suite before - only 1.1 and briefly 1.2 - so there's a bit of figuring out to do. I could have sworn that the 1.1 editor suite worked within the redist folder, though. I'll try both combinations and hopefully I won't wreck the game. :p Smile
Hello, again. I've go excellent news. I've attempted the "copying stuff from redist to root" solution, and it worked ! So, it seems that my boxed copy definitely uses a non-redist structure for everything.

I've tested loading, saving, various parts of the game, played the DLC for a bit to see if there aren't any hiccups... Everything seems all right. No issues with the 1.3.1 update so far, and I doubt I'll have any.

I've also fired up the editors, they seem to be running just as fine. I did some tweaking of the preferences for the LE, built a small map and I've already tested it in game to see if I run into any glitches. Not a single problem, so it looks I'm back on track with TDD modding. Cool 1.3's fine.

Thanks for the advice and encouragement, Mudbill. Smile Though it wasn't a huge issue, you've really helped me make sense of the root vs. redist folder issue in my particular case.
Alrighty! Good luck with your projects!
(10-19-2016, 08:28 AM)Mudbill Wrote: [ -> ]Alrighty! Good luck with your projects!

Thank you.

I'm already planning a detective story themed mission, set in a small town. (Not Altstadt, that's been covered already.) I've already built a small square with an inn, well and bridge, just for practice. Cool
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