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Full Version: No Steam-free Penumbra + wrong weblinks
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on there is no way to purchase Penumbra without Steam. The Humble Store only sells Steam keys for the game. The GOG links there point to Amnesia, not Penumbra. Your webmasters may want to fix that. Penumbra isn't available at GOG.

Although I already own Penumbra 1-3, I want to suggest a non-Steam version for purchase on behalf of all gamers like me who dislike Steam or DRM in general.

Why isn't Penumbra available on GOG, whereas Amnesia and SOMA are?

Your games are outstanding, DRM and Steam are needless dead weight. Please make them at least optional.



Is it really not available on GOG? Since I can access this page normally.
Yeah, it's, right there.
Sorry, my fault. I must have mistyped the name in the search box there.

The wrong links to Amnesia on GOG remain, though. Could you relay this to the webmasters or tell me how I can do it, please?

Thanks for the quick answer.
I'll forward the issue off to Thomas or Luis and see what they can do. Thanks for the report anyway!

I have to renew my plead for a DRM-free version, though – for the Linux version. It's not available on GOG (I may have missed it yesterday because I searched the Linux versions only). This is especially unfortunate as the Linux community generally attaches great importance to freedom in relation to software.

So, dear folks at Frictional, please consider making the Linux version of Penumbra available DRM-free on GOG like the Windows and MacOS versions.

Best regards