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Full Version: Sales update?
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Has Frictional given a sales update since they revealed it had broken even for them? I'm curious as to whether this game is a hit for them, a disappointment, or somewhere in between. I would say top 10 for Halloween weekend must have a pretty big hit. Are the numbers still steady?
A disappointment? Well in this blog, they said:
how did things go? I think it can be summed up with: Better than expected on all accounts!

Since Amnesia has been in the top 10 in Steam during the Halloween sale, I think Amnesia sold pretty well!
great great great great great !!!

i read everything and i evicted an heart attack when i read something about the piracy like "an option is to make different kind of games...


but that sounds definitively wrong !!!


we want to continue to make sigle player experience based on emotions !

Smile Smile


you evicted the shadow of the sucking commercial games at 60 $ !!!

continue to make games YOU want to make, that's why indie companies exists.

and you took the right decision by making games on consoles, seriously, consoles is a way to earn a lot of money and to be really less concerned by piracy.
And personally I dont think consoles will affect a game company like yours.

so now, maybe we can expect a wii port of amnesia (and more ^^) ?

XD lololololololol !!! (im laughting, but im serious too, it can be a big financial improvement.)

big support and big thanks to you frictional^^
In their latest tech blog, Thomas mentions without concern that they plan for the next game to come out in 2 years, so they're probably doing just fine. Another entry mentioned that sales had started to plateau higher than they expected, as well.