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Full Version: Penumbra Collection on PS4
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Hi! I'd like to know if it will be Penumbra Collection on PS4! It is one of my favorite game series and I will enjoy playing it on console.
I'm asking it because Amnesia Collection is releasing, and it will be great to have all games on PS4.
I do believe people will like it, moreover there is lack of really-really good horror games on PS4.
me too, i would buy it.
Most likely it would be very out of place on such a modern system considering the visuals. If it were to be released, it would probably have to either be graphically reworked or tagged as some sort of "classic" or "old school" game.

It would be great to have as an option, but realistically I don't really see it happening. But do keep asking. If there's demand, they'll probably listen.
What can I say about it? Yeees... May be graphic is little... "old"...
But there are several things:
1) It's "years of remastering" where, I believe, near all developers remake/remaster their old games and sell them again. Amnesia Collection have been released and graphic either is not HD-4K-Blu-X-Pro-Ultimate... (you get it...) and it's ok!
2) There are tons of games released in 2016 and (shame on developers) graohic even worse than 2000 games! Yes, I talk about mass indie-horror games that fill Internet through Kickstarter and Greenlight. Somehow some of them also released on consoles. So I can't see any troubles to release pretty old game with that-time-graphic but great game!

For example I can't even imagine how game "No Time to Explain" released on PS and consoles and costs $15! I've played such games for free ten years ago!
(11-23-2016, 05:02 PM)Umbra Wrote: [ -> ]Amnesia Collection have been released and graphic either is not HD-4K-Blu-X-Pro-Ultimate... (you get it...) and it's ok!
The graphics in Amnesia may not be HD quality, but they're way better than the ones in Penumbra, so that point's pretty subjective.
any updates?
wow 10 years here? Smile
Ja, any updates please?? Its funny because for some reason i always thought Amnesia had graphics that had HD quality, oh well.
Frictional Games have not expressed any interest as of yet regarding bringing the Penumbra Collection to PS4.
too sad Sad
PlayStation VR integration would be interesting to see. Somebody actually made a VR mod for Overture.

(01-16-2017, 09:56 AM)tedy Wrote: [ -> ]wow 10 years here? Smile

I know, right? It seems you have been very active, lol.
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