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Full Version: Play mods with the GOG version?
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Hello guys it seam's i can't play mods with the GOG version, i put the existent moddb mods in the mods folder but no option to start the mods show in the game menu, unlike Amnesia, i searched online and found i need to use the steam mod launcher, this laucher is really not that visible in the game folder, are you guys trying to hide it? Clicked on the ModLaucher.exe get a steam_api64.dll not present error, but i have steam and i add it open at the same time as GOG galaxy client.
Sounds like they forgot to make the mod launcher not require Steam for the GOG version (?).
(12-11-2016, 05:12 PM)Mudbill Wrote: [ -> ]Sounds like they forgot to make the mod launcher not require Steam for the GOG version (?).

Thanks for the reply and yes it seams like it, bad decision to make that a requirement when the game is being sold trough other platforms as well, prevents me from playing mods taking some value from the game to me.

IMO the option to play custom mods should have been in the game main menu (PC version at lest) from the start, grayed out if no custom story was installed, this was how Doom 3 did it for example, and anyone wanting to make a TC and don't wanted to run from the main game menu would just make their own launcher, easy for all, mod makers mod players.

To you mod makers they sold plenty on GOG if they don't change this then you lose a large amount of potential players, i doubt anyone will buy SOMA twice, first on GOG then on STEAM just to be able to play mods.
Yeah, no, if it is the case that they forgot, then they'll surely push out an update to fix it. I don't think you'll go forever without mod support on GOG. I'm sure it's an easy fix once they actually find out about it (of course assuming this is such an issue).
It is a issue, i can't play mods but i talked directly with Thomas on twitter and he said he was going to see what was happening so they now know about it, and knowing FG like i know they will surely fix it. Smile