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Full Version: Justine on Ps4 - is that fair?
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Let me just start by saying I love the game(s), have been waiting forever for them..

But Justine-- First time I put this on I meticulously went through it, so I wouldn't miss any documents etc. Failed the first trap.. and was a little annoyed because I thought that ladder wouldn't reach the door in the ceiling... but whatever. I saved the next guy because that was a cool puzzle, with the slides. Took a while but I finally got it, first time playing. Great, logical puzzle.

The 3rd and last guy is in a "trap" where a monster/ "suitor" comes tearing at you and gives you absolutely zero time to figure a puzzle out. My meticulous first and second playthrough were ruined because I had no time to figure out what I could do.

Upon looking up what I'm SUPPOSED to do, I didn't even get it then. There's absolutely no room for error at that last part.

Is this significantly harder on Ps4? Because it is seriously hard to smoothly work the controller stick, even with sensitivity as high as it goes.. I find this seriously unfair.

The no Saves thing is a shitty move to do, when you have a scenario like that. I'm very unhappy.
Justine's no save style was more of an experimental way to approach the Amnesia style of games, and whether or not it was successful will be very subjective.

I'm assuming the part you're referencing in the 3rd section is the part where you are pursued by a monster and you need to save the third person. This was likely done in an attempt to invoke a sense of panic and test your willingness to save a stranger NPC under the very possible likelihood that your no-save playthrough could be ended.
I understand all of the intent behind it, and overall appreciate all Amnesia games. But THAT moment, when there's no saves.. I genuinely doubt there's a single person who played that on Ps4 and didn't get their game ruined first time, if they weren't following a guide. Seriously, you have just no grace period at all, and the monster kills you instantaneously.
You can complete Justine in 15 minutes so it's really not a big deal. There is definitely room for error seeing as my game accidentally minimized during the 3rd monster encounter and I still made it out alive.