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Full Version: I want to become more brave
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(11-09-2010, 12:38 PM)Murloc Wrote: [ -> ]Somehow I managed to get myself a little further to a note that Daniel wrote to himself, but it was freakin' scary.

Hehe well done Big Grin Eating something also helps and remember that you can always press Esc when things get too scary, to take a break Wink (read: when you see a monster)
I give you a tip OP, wear a diaper and let it go, if you feel like it while playing Amnesia.
(11-06-2010, 09:32 PM)Murloc Wrote: [ -> ]Any tips on how I can become more fearless and brave so I can play my copy of Amnesia? I really want to play it but Im too scared.
a really good way to keep you unscared from any Horror game is to have someone next to you and have the lights on.

However, I am sure this will cut the experience in half. One if your playing with the lights on (or in the daytime) the light will make it hard to see the screen and dark areas won't show up and when your in the dark all alone with headphones puts you right in the game and even though you are scared, just go for it. One you will be proud of yourself but two you will just get enfrauled in a whole insane experience. It'll be amazing and you will want to do it again.

Hope what I've said helps.
I wish someone would play this game with me! I would think we could take turns. I started playing in like 25 minute intervals but they've slowly tapered out to about 5 minutes before I run into something that just makes me want to quit. My heart rate goes up so much from just starting the game up.

I really want to finish this though!
(11-07-2010, 01:39 PM)Murloc Wrote: [ -> ]Is it normal that the screen zooms in and out slightly all the time and that the screen often leans towards a side and isnt straight? I thought things like that were supposed to happen when u go insane not when I have "Crystal clear" as status.

Also I can hear my characters breath which is unpleasant.
Things like that usually happens after some form of an event has taken place, and really has nothing to do with your sanity level. When you start to loose sanity you'll start to hear things (or rather, more things like insects / footsteps / chains) and your vision will become blurred / distorted.

As for becoming more brave; I don't think there are a lot of tips that will help you without ruining the game experience. The game is supposed to be scary. Best thing is to push yourself through it without standing around to "consider" whether or not you should enter that room / walk down that hallway.
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