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Full Version: When do you know you have played too much?
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Well, for me it's when my legs are numb and my head is spinning! Don't know how many more years my body and brain will sustain this before shutting down for good Angel
For me it's when I start getting a headache. By the way, welcome to the community! Smile
When I feel I'm sweating. That's the fucking worst.
What is this "too much" you're talking about?

On a serious note:
I only get headaches when there's something actually wrong. Me not having eaten much, or maybe I'm starting to get sick.
Usually I play (Read: play games or program games) between 5 and 10 hours a day if I have the time.

Really, I think I can play forever, if there is enough content, and if I can switch things up now and then. If I both get to be creative and get to smash some monsters at some point.

At the moment I am in the process of clearing Grim Dawn again, with some of the new content it got. I started playing with a friend around 18 pm... It's 01 am now. I don't plan to stop yet.
EDIT: We stopped at 4:20 am, because we're tired Smile Not because we've played too much.
I know when I've played too much when I realize I'm not having fun in the game. I try to stop when I get bored or if my eyes start feeling dry.
I've played too much when I have a headache due to a lack of sleep (these things happen when you game from 9AM-5AM the next morning) or if I can't feel my everything. And also if I realize I haven't eaten anything all day and it's already (checks clock) 7 PM!?!?! knight needs food badly!
(01-14-2017, 10:18 AM)SamChurch Wrote: [ -> ]And also if I realize I haven't eaten anything all day and it's already (checks clock) 7 PM!?!?! knight needs food badly!

Actually I have the opposite problem. I have developed a bad habit of eating at my PC desk. Besides the mess and oily keyboard/mouse, my concern is eating too much junk food. So comfortable to over-eat while playing, and having such a sedentary lifestyle, I can quickly pack on the pounds.

Not easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle while being a devoted gamer. Better draw some lines, but we all know they will be crossed over and over again!!
When its painful to squint your eyes..then you know that was a little bit too much!. When the squinting starts..a headache usually follows shortly after.
my eyes burn rather fast
When my eyes get really tired.
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