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Full Version: Immersive analytical series on Amnesia
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Hey! This is not a traditional let's play, and I am not sure if this comes under Let's play or Digital. I hope that I am not giving you any trouble with this.

Recently I wanted to pay my tribute to the game which opened the world of horror for me. I feel passionate about Amnesia: The Dark Descent, a game which becomes increasingly interesting the more one plays or watches someone else play it.

This is a game which benefits greatly from speculation. Different players read the story in different ways and draw different conclusions. At the same time, it can be very easy to overlook interesting details in environment, story and alternate outcomes.

In my new ImmersiveAnalysis series, I take you on a revisit through the game while trying to cover as much as possible of the ongoings in the game. So far, I have made two episodes. My goal is to share my experience - I will give my impression on the game from an immersive point of view, and I intend to slowly but certainly finish through the entirety of the game.

Episode 1:

Have a great day!