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Full Version: Amnesia Not Responding
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After some minutes of working in level editor my screen always turns black for a second and then level editor is not responding, also if i had opened game it stopped too and was not responding.. could it be GPU problem? im using radeon 4850 512mb..
tried to reinstall game, reinstall windows 10, but im still having this probem..
That GPU does sound fairly old and weak considering it only has half a gig of VRAM. I see Intel cards with like 1.5 or 2 these days.

If it's the level editor that is crashing you need to upload the LevelEditor.log file instead from Documents\HPL2.
yea its only leveleditor that is crashing...
whole game is working good..
i uploaded log
There are a couple errors, like it failing to read temp files in the Documents\HPL2\Temp folder, but nothing I can see that is obviously an issue. Perhaps these are, but I haven't encountered them before.

Is there something specific that you do when it crashes?
no.. im simply building map, placing entities and accidentally its not responding