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Full Version: Download the game I bought
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I bought and played the game a few years ago.


But I had a MAC computer so I decided to bought it in the APP STORE.

The problem is I dont have a mac computer now, years later. I have PC. (msi gt72vr dominator pro)

So I cant download it from the app store... its only MAC version i think... or its seems to.

ThereĀ“s any solution? I wanted to play it again... but ofc i wont buy it again original, i bought it once time ago. Huh
The Mac App Store version of the game is sold through Apple, thus you cannot use it where they don't supply it. Since it's been years I don't think you can ask for a refund anymore.

You're gonna have to use a different platform for your Windows PC, like Steam or GOG. Most likely you'll have to buy it again since there's no co-operation between all these resellers. Only possible alternative I can think of is that perhaps someone from Frictional Games can help you if you show proof of purchase, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

The game is often on sale on Steam for as much as 75% or 80% off, if you're considering it.
will it be on sale in steam over 80% soon?

I have seen that Steam has the 2 versions PC and MAC but the APP STORE has only the MAC version. Angry
(05-26-2017, 12:09 PM)rexbronte8 Wrote: [ -> ]will it be on sale in steam over 80% soon?

Probably 75% off during next sale, which should be some sort of a "Summer/Holiday Sale".