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Full Version: FullGameSave option not working?
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I tried to test the feature using two simple levels connected with leveldoors. I had some moveable boxes with the FullGameSave option checked. When I moved them around, went to another map via the LevelDoor and then went back to this map the objects were reset in the initial position.
Is there any other way to save the positions of objects between level changes like you could in amnesia?
I tried this both with Somadev and with the mod launcher, neither of them worked.
If it truly doesn't work, you could manually store the position by putting the X, Y and Z position into a Vector3f upon OnLeave, then set the position again for the entity upon OnEnter, eh? I guess the entity's rotation could be put into another Vector3f.
That could mean a really large amount of work needed if it's more than just a few objects. Could be areas, lights, button states etc. There has to be some way to get that to work.
Assuming there's something wrong with the FullGameSave feature, I'm sure we could create our own. Instead of manually saving all these properties into global vars for each entity, we could create a custom function that just takes in an entity or a light or whatever else and performs the extraction on that input object. It would reduce the amount of script, but you may still have to do something like

PHP Code:
void OnLeave() {

It's better than manually saving and loading specific vectors every time, but the best would of course be to get an answer if FullGameSave works so we don't have to do any extra work. Plus, I think that lets you set it via a checkbox in the Level Editor, right? I find it odd why this feature wouldn't be working. It worked fine in HPL2.