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Full Version: All Frictional Games, and Outlast not detecting my wired 360 rock candy by pdp
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need help getting my sdl2 mapping added in a patch
I'll use this one as the master post since you've posted in the other three Tech Support subforums, and this one was done by your registered user persona.

Based on how your reddit OP post is structured, it sounds like you have somewhat gotten the issue solved as it is.

I personally skimmed over the thread, but did you also try using some form of input redirection software, or input capturing software which will send inputs from your controller to the game? (Binding keys from your controller to the respective movements/keys on your keyboard and mouse).

Controllers at times can be a little finnicky and not every controller will be compatible with every software. If there were any software updates for your controller, I would also have considered checking on those.