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Full Version: ForceCacheLoadingAndSkipSaving Crash!
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Hello everybody,

I've been working on my custom story called Illusions of the Dead for over a year now. It will be released August 21st 2017 and testing begins July 21st 2017 which means I'm almost done with the CS.

But I have one small problem. Some of my maps (especially the large maps) crash whenever I load them. BUT they only crash when ForceCacheLoadingAndSkipSaving in main_settings.cfg is set to false.

When ForceCacheLoadingAndSkipSaving is set to true everything runs smoothly.

Now this is a problem because most people who still play Amnesia also make their own maps. So they probably have development settings on which means if they have set ForceCacheLoadingAndSkipSaving to false their game WILL crash. And I don't want people to change some settings in order to play my CS.

For those interested, here the hpl.log when loading the map: [attachment=5977]

Does anybody know how to fix this problem?

You can safely delete the cache files and test them again after setting the value to false. The idea of that setting is so that the game force loads the map file instead of the cache, since the cache tends to be an outdated throwtogether of the map once it has been loaded, should a computer struggle with loading maps the first time, the cache is then loaded instead to boost the speed.

It could also be stuffing up because your Custom Story appears to be in a folder directory with spaces in the folder name. While it may not change anything, but you shouldn't have spaces in folder names. Use underscores ( _ ) to denote spaces. For example, instead of Romulators Custom Map, it would be "Romulators_Custom_Map".
I always delete the .cache files and .nodes files whenever I see them. Unfortunately it still seems to crash when I set ForceCacheLoadingAndSkipSaving to false.

Also changing the directory name from custom_stories/Illusions of the Dead to custom_stories/Illusions_of_the_Dead doesn't seem to solve the problem. But like you said, folder names shouldn't have spaces in them.

I did notice that not many people have this problem when testing their maps. If you search the forum for "ForceCacheLoadingAndSkipSaving" you'll only find serbusfish (the guy that made The Curse of Ripley Manor) who apparently had the same problem but the problem was never solved.
When it crashes, what error(s) do you get, if any? What happens?

And are they arbitrary or consistently tied to those maps? (As in, if you were to load the map directly via the Developer Menu, does it crash? In a normal playthrough, does it crash?)
Yes the game both crashes when loading up the custom story normally and when I try to load the map in the developer menu.

It also isn't a script error. It basically loads all the way and then in the end it crashes and says Amnesia has stopped responding. So I don't get an error message. It just crashes when loading the map.