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Full Version: 2 new released Penumbra games (Amnesia mods) - Penumbra: Europa & Penumbra II
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Again some good news for all Penumbra veterans out there! Brilliant developer BG Productions has recently released two new Penumbra projects, built as Amnesia mods:

- Penumbra: Europa

This new episode in the Penumbra series will be set shortly before the events of Penumbra: Black Plague, in The Shelter installation, and will put players in the shoes of Eloff Carpenter, a Rank C member of the Archaic Cast and researcher, allowing you to explore the base and withness the events that led to the incident, as well as answer more unsolved mysteries along the way!

[Image: 14v075y.png]

More information, screenshots and download link on the official moddb page:

- Penumbra II

This game continues the story of the 2006 Penumbra Tech Demo (a standalone prototype for the Penumbra series with basically the same story as Penumbra: Overture, with some variations), allowing players to continue Philip's story just where it left off.

[Image: hs9opy.jpg]

More information, screenshots and download link on the official moddb page:

Both games are free, but they require a copy of Amnesia: The Dark Descent to play!

And as a bonus, more good news: BG Productions are currently working on restoring Unbirth, the first Frictional game that was never finished (made before the Penumbra series), completly remade as a SOMA mod! If you are a Frictional fan and love their games, you have to check it out:
I appreciate the kind words Smile Glad you enjoyed my two penumbra mods working on a third right now and I aim to make this one necrologue level of detail heres the link to the forum
Heres the link to the mod page