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Full Version: Insanity of Your Mind V2
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Hi ! Smile
Here is the thread for the new version of my custom story : Insanity of Your Mind!
For the little story, I started it like 4 or 5 years ago, but there was so many problems I abandonned it, even though it was almost finished... But the story stayed in my mind since and recently, I felt ready to start it again from the beginning!
I don't have any summary of the story without spoils yet, but I'll write it as soon as possible!

Here are some screenshots !

Spoiler below!

[Image: 1507575271-menu-loading-screen.jpg]
The loading screen

[Image: 1507575119-20170925205459-1.jpg]
The main menu (it is written "Liar" in french on the wall)

[Image: 1507575156-20171008133122-1.jpg]
A view of the streets. It will be an almost free (but not too much) transition between levels with some additional houses with bonus items.

I'll add more screens in the thread when I'll have something to show!
A new screen of the streets ! Big Grin
Spoiler below!

[Image: 1507807089-20171012131447-1.jpg]

Are you going for a Silent Hill look with the fog? It's quite good.
Thank you ! Smile That's exactly what I had in mind ^^
But I have a problem : I've changed the grunt's SightRange to 11 meters (the fog starts at 15 meters so the player can react before the grunt see him) but my problem is even though I'm at the other side of the streets, at several tens from the grunt, he can see me and start chasing me... Sad Does someone have a solution ?

Here is the very first version of the introduction Wink
Looks really cool!
Thank you ! Big Grin
My project is not dead ! (yet) Big Grin
I just remade a level, trying to be as detailled as Machine for Pigs Wink I'll also try to make a Silent Hill ambiance, even if I don't know how yet !
Looks good! What is the plot of the story?
(04-19-2018, 07:12 PM)Organic Shelter Wrote: [ -> ]Looks good! What is the plot of the story?

Thanks ! Big Grin Oh yeah, I totally forgot to write it ! I'll make it asap today !
So, when will it release? Months or weeks?
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