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Full Version: Stuck in PS4 version of game.
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Hello everybody! I play amnesia in ps4 and i recently got stucked between a tall candle and two collar(at dark descent). I was searching for tinderboxes, so i jumped on a spot, then i jumped on the candle, and then i fell of accidentally between the two collar and the candle. Now, i cant get of there and i can not finish the story. I try to jump to the candle but i can't. I try to go prone under the candle or the collars, but i couldn't leave. Is there anything i can do so that i get unstucked? If you want a photo, send me a mesagge. My name is fakePR3DATOR on ps4. If anybody wants to add me, send me a friend request telling me that he is from the blog. Thank you.
Are you able to use the "Load game" from the main menu instead of "Continue" and then pick the second last save?
Well i have been facing same issue and i am not able to load the game too.Any solution here is appreciatedĀ mybkexperience
How come you're not able to load the game? What appears when you select "Load game" ?