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Full Version: PENUMBRA DECLINE (amnesia full conversion mod)
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Hello fellow penumbra fans. Recently I've been working on an amnesia full conversion mod called Penumbra Decline. It takes place 15 years since black plague. You play as Jim carpenter a archaeologist who stabled upon the shelter in the year 2021. As you explore the shelter part of the roof collapses on the entrance trapping you from leaving... Will you ever escape.

Penumbra Decline

[Image: Screenshot_531.png]

[Image: Screenshot_524.png]

[Image: Screenshot_535.png]

Penumbra Decline
How far into development are you?
(10-19-2017, 04:07 AM)AGP Wrote: [ -> ]How far into development are you?

Still pretty early development If you would like to discuss voice acting for the mod my discord is "BG Productions#6382" Sounds like you could be pretty good at the robot voice from penumbra black plague Wink
Lol, well I did the intercoms for both Necrologue and Twilight of the Archaic if that helps any. XD