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Full Version: Litronom's custom stories problem
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Welcome, i have problems with litronom customs.

In "It's hurting my eyes" NPC Luffy does not appear so it's impossible to leave the store.

In "The small horse-Prolouge" last map don't load properly. You walking on skybox
(correct me if I'm wrong).

I'm also adding screenshots form "the small horse"
In the main game folder, look for "resources.cfg". Open it with a text editor (preferrably Notepad++). Does it list the "custom_stories" directory on one of the lines? If not, you need to add it at the end of the list. That would make the game able to fetch assets from the custom_stories directory properly.

If that doesn't help, then there may not be much we can do. It's entirely possible that this is an issue in the download you got, and since Litronom is not here on the forums, we can't really fix it.
It did not help, but thanks for the effort.