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Full Version: Breach - A short playable story
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Hello everyone!

I am releasing a very short story I worked on a few weeks back; the reason I am uploading this is because I won't be able to finish this due to school and other projects taking up a lot of my time.

Please feel free to use whatever code here as you see fit; I think most of it has already been covered in the forums but there's some moderate scripting in the main area.

Sorry for no screens but when trying to take a screenshot in game it gets all black, I'm noob like that.

** MAP INFO **
There story was/is supposed to be of one of Alexander's many victims from the original campaign. Kidnapped as he made his way through the forest back home to his family he wakes up in castle Brennenburg and now struggles to escape it. Simple.

Mediafire link
Map Download

I wanted to focus on a lot of encounters with the enemy in a somewhat unique way, but since the campaign is so small there's only a hand few. Area building is a slow and tedious process for me, I wanted to decorate as much as possible and never felt completely satisfied with the areas; but hopefully the design works out for the users. The level doors in the main area are not linked to any other area so using them will crash the game, just a heads up.

Have fun!
Missing map? I got out of the bedroom and i went through the door to what seems like the library and i turned right into the empty room where there was a door at the end of this corridor. I opened it and i got a error. I believe you have a map missing sir.
(11-10-2010, 01:29 PM)Placeable Wrote: [ -> ]The level doors in the main area are not linked to any other area so using them will crash the game, just a heads up.

@Gamemakingdude: Nope, there are only two maps.

I like what I see and I love the beginning. Had some good scares! It's sad that you won't finish it because I can see potential!
Just played and finished it and it was really good!

I kinda was hoping for something longer as it was really short, but hopefully you'll make a complete version of this or more in the future.
Holy shit, its great. DonĀ“t stop it. I think Seuchensoldat has right, you have potential.
Great work. I really enjoyed it even if it's so short. It shows that you put a lot of effort into building the level.
Please, finish this!
(06-29-2011, 04:26 PM)LucaP1000 Wrote: [ -> ]Please, finish this!

yes man, i love that map too, it"s OLDschool Time map, so scary element is excellent!

seems the project is dead for now, like project Clive Barker Undying map, so let it be in our memories,...Cool
Wow! Great map ! looking forward to the rest! Big Grin
Good map; the construction is just fine, remember that not only is decoration with objects important, but also lighting, you could do wonders to make that "pop" a little more.

I think, (this applies to a few other stories as well, I'm sure) if this map is ever revisited, the diary-text should be less subjective; the "Oh I dread this place" entry in the beginning sort of disagreed with what I felt, and made a disconnection between me and the protagonist. Just a little thing to think about :)
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