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Full Version: Infinite crouching after being "killed" in the new Safe Mode
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*** This contains mild spoilers. ***

I'm trying out the new Safe Mode with the current GOG version 1.500R of SOMA.

In the crew quarters at Theta, I was attacked by Akers and went down twice. After the second time, Akers just vanished and I remained stuck in a weird crouched position. I can crawl around in a very slow speed, jump, and interact with the game world (pressing buttons etc.) But I can't stand up and my viewing direction is being "drawn" to one particular direction. Turning gets harder and harder the more I turn away from that direction, and my view returns to it if I don't hold up against it.

Saving the game and reloading doesn't fix this, so I'm stuck in this crippled state. Help would be much appreciated.

edit: I tried to "die" like this again using the last save before this one. I got smashed to the floor again, Akers (or one of the "proxies") vanished again, but I could stand up after that. So maybe it was an one-time glitch. I'll report any "broken deaths" in Safe Mode I may encounter. I'll keep the broken save file for inspection, if needed.

You should be able to fix this by choosing "Load game" from the main menu instead of continue, then choosing an older save before this happened.
Thanks, I already did that and edited my post at the same time you replied. Smile It can be "fixed" this way, but it surely is a bug that can happen at a time where the last save is much farther away, so I wanted to report it for inspection and in the hope that there may be a way to fix the broken save.

Happy holidays
Yes, my intention was just to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. Hopefully the devs can look into this for the next patch.
Your help is much appreciated (getting me literally "back on my feet"). Smile