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Full Version: Updated Level Editor no longer loading mod assets
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So I recently booted up the Level Editor to start working on my mod recently and noticed that there looks to have been an update to the Level Editor pushed through Steam around 12/19(ish ?) that seems to have broken the way the editor adds lookup directories for my mod's assets, as in none of my non-SOMA assets are appearing in the editor (though everything works fine when launched from the game's mod launcher).

I think it has something to do with the way the editor is put into mod-making mode:
Which, after several attempts at redo-ing the process, does not show the "Working on mod" message at the top anymore.

I'm not 100% sure whether this is a problem with my mod or Frictional's editor, but I've tested this on two machines having checked file integrity with Steam and set up the "HPL3" folder in My Documents with no luck. If anyone could check to see if they are having the same problem, I would hugely appreciate it! Thanks Smile
Hey there! I haven't tested anything since I currently don't have SOMA installed, but I've been told about other issues involving the Level Editor from a recent SOMA update as well by Draugemalf.

If you are placing your custom assets in a directory that's not normally included with SOMA, you may need to check your resources.cfg file to ensure your directory has been added. For example, if your files are in the mods directory, make sure you add /mods/ to the bottom of the config file.

As per Draugemalf's request, I also uploaded an older version of the Level Editor to the wiki, which may also resolve the issue. Just put it in your SOMA directory where the other Level Editor is located and all should run okay. Smile
Romulator thanks a ton for posting the older version of the editor. I already had my mod's appropriate subdirectories listed in my resources.cfg, I guess the new Level Editor didn't bother reading it at all... With the old executable it's working just like it did before, so I guess I'll be doing my work in that for the time being. Thanks again and cheers!
Glad to hear you got it fixed! FrictionalGames cannot seem to replicate the issue as of now since there apparently had not been any updates or changes to the Level Editor in any recent builds, so it is strange that something has occurred. Nonetheless, the old Level Editor is there for now should you or anybody else need it. Good luck with your mod! Big Grin
Be sure to also check to see if it deleteded your steamappid.txt. You won't be able to upload it to the workshop without that file. There's also a new issue with the model editor crashing when changing animation sound events. The _e3 maps are back, the level editor is also missing a lot of stuff: link and there's a new(old?) HplHelper.exe file.
I guess FG will fix this in an update soon, probably.