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Full Version: Amnesia Soundtrack?
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Cool, sounds good so far! Smile
Well, at least I can find it in my heart to have patience Smile
Thanks for the information Mikko! We're waiting for it!

Edit: After listening those excerpts, I lost my patience.
Very nice excerpts!! I'll be buying this album as soon as it's available! Big Grin
Since I can't really play the game, I'll at least buy the soundtrack!

Can't wait. Big Grin
Youtube anyone?

When i entered this place it was the biggest relieve i came across in the game
Well, everything depends on what you understand from the words.
When I read the word Soundtrack, I understand something like Penumbra Special Soundtrack.
I ordered the Penumbra OST and this is what Mikko said about the Amnesia Soundtrack: "We'll see when I can get the Amnesia-soundtrack released, but propably during the spring." (Translated from finnish.)
Any updates?
LoL??? If you have the game - you have the OST. Just rename the .ogg files in Amnesia music folder and there you are.(or go - I dunnoBig Grin)
It's April now. I'm beginning to think that this soundtrack is never going to come out. Sad
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