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Full Version: The Grunts appears in most locations with scary atmosphere but not the Brutes
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I have thought about something. The locations like the Storage and Prison which are Grunt infested have a very scary atmosphere with scary noises and scary music. But the Grunt by it selves are not as scary. It is the atmosphere who makes them scary.

The Brute on the other hand is very scary but the Sewer and Choir Main Hall which are Brute infested are not as much scary with no scary music and scary atmosphere.

The first location where the Grunt is really a threat is in the Guest Room and the Guest room is not a scary location so that is the only non scary atmosphere where the Grunt is encountered.

The Morgue has a scary atmosphere and there you encounter a dangerous Brute for the first time so that is the only location with scary atmosphere here you encounter a Brute.
It's probably mostly subjective whether those scenes are going to be scary or not. Some consider the entire game to be scary. If I were to put it up on a scale, then yeah the storage and prison come at the top, but the Choir is probably not far behind.
I disagree with your statement that the prison is more scary than the choir. A place where people are locked up vs. a place where people are tortured. I think I am more scared of the choir.
Even if you're purely talking about atmosphere and music, I still think the choir is scary. It looks dark despite the fact that you don't need a lantern, and the music from the main menu plays there. Also the monsters spawn more dangerously, as in, you're more out in the open which for me and I think more people is scarier than when a monster spawn when you're near a room to hide in.

I'm not saying the prison or storage aren't scary, I just think the choir is also scary.