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Full Version: Need help with level editor
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How do I change the start location of the Entity/Static objects/Textures folder in the level editor. When I start my editor and I want to choose something from my FCM Entity folder I have to build a vanilla chair and then change the entity file location to a custom cupboard or whatever.

And when I want to build a custom texture I press browse and it begins in the vanilla amnesia folder and I have to search for my full conversion mod folder/textures/....

This multiplies the time of making a level by 10

So once again. How do I change the start location of the Entity tab to my custom Entity folder in my Full Conversion Folder?
The starting directories are hardcoded; you cannot change them. The simplest thing to do is to make a folder in Amnesia's entities, static_objects and textures folder and place all your custom entities in there. Provided none of the names conflict with Amnesia's assets, there shouldn't be many dramas.