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Full Version: ATDD Machinima : Edgar's day
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Retarded, short machinima I made out of boredom, all in a night's work.
Ahah I love it ! Very nice video =D .
Very nice Big Grin. How did you do it?
I Think, he take the grunt corpse in the sewer and he walked with him as if the grunt walking. ^^ The music when the grunt walk is very awesome x) .
Lol, very funny. Good job mate.
Might upload the high-quality original video for those who are interested.
Video should be watched at top quality, given the low gamma.
Very funny! And I noticed, the monster walking was really the monster gib!
very funny, i did that too during the game !
Nice vid! Smile
Aaaaaaaaand here it is:
Right now Megaupload is being a bitch to me, download still unavaiable. Will upload the file elsewhere if you guys get the same, annoying error.
Quick edit: nevermind, got it to work now. Enjoy.