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Full Version: Vote for Amnesia in IndieDB's Indie of the Year awards!
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The top 100 released and upcoming games have now been determined. Check out the Top 100 list and vote for Amnesia!

IndieDB is having their first annual Indie of the Year competition this year and Amnesia is one of the contestants!

Read more about the competition here

If you want to vote for Amnesia, go to its game page and click the big green vote button!

Vote vote vote! Big Grin

Edit: By the way, you can vote for as many games as you like Smile
It's more of a popularity contest than a true indie of the year competition but oh well Smile
I didnt know that exists !!

sure i'll vote for amnesia !
Voted for Amnesia !
I bet Minecraft will win tho.
voted for amnesia.
It's a battle between Super Meatboy and Minecraft, but Amnesia gets my vote.
Voted! Hell yeah!
Voted =)

Minecraft will win tho
(11-16-2010, 05:08 AM)davva Wrote: [ -> ]Minecraft will win tho

Maybe the hell freezes over and Amnesia tips Minecraft over Tongue

Edit: interesting typo
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