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Full Version: Pet lovers here?
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Let's talk about pets that are close to your heart, tell us something about your pet. How do you take good care of them, how do you train them? What good memories do you have with your pet?
I have a persian cat. Litter train her. One of the good memories, hmm. When I trained her to shit to the litter box but she shat just at the floor right beside the litter box.
I have a miniature schnauzer, I've read a lot of books before deciding to own a dog. Spent much time training him. The most difficult part was to train him to sit at the particular place xD
Yes of course. I have a cat and a dog.
Of course I love pets, pretty sure it's my favorite food
I am a cat lover. Did I raise a cat completely out of my mind?  Smile It was a joke, there used to be a dog, but now I have two cats and I am very pleased that I have these two lumps of wool, albeit 10 kilograms.